Dera future guests,

Following the Apollo philosophy, according to which this is not a Hotel but a Home, we try to give you all an individual holiday. All arrivals are on Fridays, in order to create a crowd where everybody is newly arrived. On satirdays we arrange the “benvenuti dinners” to which you are invited to sign up. With a glass of Prosecco or Aperol Spritz you get to know the other newly arrived guests, and get the first glimpse of the tuscan kitchen. During the joint dinner we answer all the questions you might have concerning Viareggio, Tuscany, excursions, and whatever you want to know. Dinner and aperitive is served for €25 / children under 12 pay €12,50




  • Enquiries for rates and availability are welcome at booking@apolloviareggio.com or on our FB site with the same name. Please let us know for when and for how many people you need accomodation. Please keep in mind that you can only book whole weeks, and always only from Friday to Friday. This might seem odd, but the world is full of hotels where you can book any day you want, and for how long you want, so we choose to do it this way, and it works fine. 
  • Our rates are always for 7 nights and for two persons. Should you want to book a room for one person, you can deduct 10% from the standard rate. The prices for our larger rooms with 3 or 4 beds are also initially based on a two-person occupancy, for additional beds we charge children under 12 a 25% surcharge, and a 35% surcharge for extra adults.
  • Our prices include all taxes, bedlinen, towels, shower lotion, shampoo and body cream, water and electricity consumption, as well as a famous breakfast buffet.
  • A reservation is only valid once an advance payment has been received. The size of the advance payment is fixed individually in relation to the time of the booking, the price of the room and the season and can range from 20 to 100%. We explicitly want to emphasize that we can not wait for advance payments more than 5 banking days. Should a payment not arrive as discussed, we reserve the right to sell the room and not fulfill the reservation.
  • Should you have to cancel your room, you will get a full refund of your advance payment if the cancellation is done no later than 45 days prior to the planned arrival date. Later cancellations unfortunately lead to a loss of your advance payment.

Bank account number:

Bank account holder:
Apollo Management s.r.l.
vle. G.Carducci 76

UniCredit S.p.A.
Piazza Massimo D´Azeglio 23

IBAN: IT26T0200824802000105450592




  • Arrivals are welcome from 15:00 on the arrival day.​We ask you to leave your room at the latest at 10:00 on departure day. We reserve the right to charge an extra day should you exceed your stay over 10:00.
  • The whole building, including balconies and terraces is a non-smoking zone. Smoking in the room can lead to an extra charge of €300.- for cleaning the carpets and all textiles. However, smoking in the garden is permitted between 08:00 and 22.00.
  • All guests are entitled to a set of towels, which we upon request, change twice a week in order to help our environment. These towels are exclusively to be used in the bathrooms and shall not be taken to the beach.
  • The italian way of life comes with a certain coolness and laissez-faire, but as we have to cater to verybodys needs, we also have to look at those guests who need a bit of quiet and peace, therefore we ask everybody to refrain from loud speaking, singing, or music in the hotel after 22:00.



Where can I park?
You can park on the street in front of the hotel after buying a so called „moverpass”-card fro €20.- at a local Tabacco. We will help you arrange that. Depending on the length of your stay, you will need a 7- or a 30-day pass for €20 or €50. With this pass you can use all blue parking spaces around the Apollo, with the exception of the places facing the Passeggiata.
Where can I use the beach?
In front of the hotel you will find a lot of professionally managed “bagnos” where you will rent an umbrella with sunbeds, and get access to showers, changing rooms etc. The bagnos all have a bar, usually also a playground for kids, or sometimes even a pool. We have chosen the “Bagno Guido” for our guests, where you can rent umrellas for some €4-5 per person and day, depending on the length of your rental.
Should you be looking for the “free-of-charge” experience, you will find secluded free beaches around Vareggio, easily reachable by car from the hotel.
Are you a kids-friendly hotel?
Although we have 4 kids ourselves, and no week without guests with children during the summer, we advise you to only book the Apollo with children older than 6-7 years. We have high stairs, a hotel dog, and are not really equipped to look after the smallest of guests. Should you need help in finding an accomodation suitable for small kids, we will help you, just send us a mail.
What kind of place is Viareggio?
Viareggio is a classical italian seaside resort. Already in the 18th century it was known for its mondane guests. A lot of italian stars and starlets have made Viareggio famous, not to mention the carnival in february, which is the most renown in Italy. Viareggio is an “italian” resort, mainly visited by families who have their weekend home in the city. The international mass tourism has not (yet?) arrived.
How is the weather?
Viareggioban has a mild, mediterranian cliamte. We can say that we have 10 degrees C warmer than most western european cities during autumn, winter and spring. The summer, however is around 30 dgerees, with mild winds coming from the sea.

More information, price informatio and booking:

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+39 334 767 55 76

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