Our Hotel, the APOLLO VIAREGGIO is located in an Art Nouveau villa built in the beginning of the last century.

As we believe in quality above quantity we have only 8 rooms, but all carefully furnished in different colours and designs. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms. The elegant villa has high ceilings, marble steps, mosaic floors, and a beautiful and quiet inner yard with palmtrees and rhododendron. The Apollo is located only some 50 steps from the sandy beach of Viareggio on the waterfront and the Passeggiata, where life is high on the summer nights.

We are an international couple running this hotel in a perfect italian surrounding as Viareggio has never become the target of neither eastern- nor western european mass tourism but is the preferred spot for families from the surrounding cities of Florence, Prato, Parma and Milano. Come and join us and experience the real dolce vita!


Viareggio, one of the most renovn resorts of the Riviera

The Versilian coastline is one of the oldest seaside resorts in Tuscany. It stretches from Carrara in the north down to Pisa in the south, and is located excellently between the Apuan alps and the Ligurian Sea. According to ancient Feng-Shui, ideal places on earth are located between a mountain and a sea, balancing energy flows from both sides, thus creating harmony and peace of mind.

Your perfect beach experience starts in one of the many “bagnos” where you can rent umbrellas, sunbeds, use showers, or have an espresso or a Martini at the bar. The “bagnino”, the life guard keeps an eye on bathing children, and is also responsible for renting out surfboards, SUP or small sailing boats, so that the day on the beach never gets boring. Viareggio is a paradise for children, as they can play quite far into the water, which is not getting deep too quickly, but never forget asking your bagnino for information how the currents develop during the day.

After a day on the beach the city comes to life in the evening. The passeggiata is full of people, music and laughter as people are enjoying the cool breeze from the sea in from of countless bars and restaurants which share place with elegant boutiques of various kind.

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